David and the Drainosaurs

Read about DAVID AND THE DRAINOSAURS, Tales of the Teleporting Topsider (Book 1) written and illustrated by Janyce Brawn [Juvenile Fantasy / Middle Grade Fantasy (G) 130 pages illustrated | Available in print and ebook from the DFP Books label of Dragonfly Publishing] During an argument with his younger brother, twelve-year-old David Gonzales accidentally drops his mother’s diamond ring down the kitchen sink drain. As he reaches for the ring, he sees a tiny dinosaur creature who calls herself Princess Doris Drainosaurus and claims the ring is her kingdom’s missing crown. In his tussle with Doris over the ring, David is pulled into the magical kingdom of Drainovia. There he must find the missing Drainovian crown in order to exchange it for his mother’s ring. David has just three days to accomplish his task, or he will be stuck forever where Drainosaurs rule, doors fly, hats teleport, and treachery abounds. • READ MORE & FIND SALES LINKS