Dragonfly Publishing, Inc. (DFP) is an Oklahoma contract publisher established in 2001. We work only with resident USA authors and illustrators. We publish children’s picture books, coloring books, drama, fantasy, juvenile fiction, non-fiction, poetry, romance, science fiction, and young adult.

See our Kittycat Books catalog menu for children’s picture books. All picture books are illustrated in full color by professional artists and rated-G for ages 2-7. | Kittycat Books on WordPress | Kittycat Books catalog section inside main DFP website [Domain: www.kittycatbooks.com]

See our DFP Books catalog for fiction and non-fiction. Fiction categories include: fantasy, juvenile fiction (for ages 8-12), drama and poetry, romance, science fiction, and young adult (for ages 13-18 and up). Non-fiction categories include: adult coloring books, biography, and history. | DFP Books on WordPress | DFP Books catalog section inside the main DFP website | Domain: www.dfpbooks.com |

DFP specializes in ebooks (EPUB and Kindle) and print-on-demand (POD) paperbacks and hardbacks. We also offer unique gift items through CafePress.

To contact the DFP Staff, fill out the CONTACT FORM on this site. Thanks!


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