Dragonfly Publishing, Inc. (DFP) is an Oklahoma contract publisher established in 2001.

DFP specializes in ebooks (EPUB and Kindle) and print-on-demand (POD paperbacks and hardbacks). Genres include: children’s picture books, coloring books, drama, fantasy, juvenile fiction, non-fiction, poetry, romance, science fiction, and young adult.

See DFP Books for fiction and non-fiction titles available in ebook (EPUB and Kindle), hardback, and paperback. Genres include adult coloring books, fantasy, juvenile fiction (for ages 8-12), non-fiction, poetry and drama, romance, science fiction, and young adult (for ages 13-18+). || DFP Books Catalog (ad free site) | DFP Books Blog (contains ads) | Follow DFP Books on Facebook | DOMAIN: www.dfpbooks.com |

See Kittycat Books for children’s picture books published by Dragonfly Publishing, Inc. Professionally illustrated in full color, all picture books are rated-G for ages 2-7 and average 24 pages. Picture books are available in paperback (8×10 or 8.5×11), hardback (8.5×11), and ebook (EPUB and Amazon Kindle). Some titles also have a companion coloring book. || Domain: www.kittycatbooks.com | Kittycat Books Catalog (ad free site) | Kittycat Books Blog (contains ads) | Follow on Facebook |

To contact the DFP Staff, fill out the CONTACT FORM on this site. Thanks!


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