Review Form

To send new book reviews to the publisher or to request book copies to review, fill out the below form. A current catalog list has been provided for easy copy/pasting into the form. If you are sending a review, select the rating. If you are requesting files for review, under the Rating box select “Book Review Request.” ~ Thanks!

Copy/paste in book titles from the below list. See the on-site catalog pages for information and links on each title.

Geodoodles | Wild Animal Fun Facts

CHILDREN’S PICTURE BOOKS [ages 2-8 (Rated G)]:
A Bed for George | A Hat for George | A Home for George | A Very Dragon Christmas | Albert’s Perfect Pet | Alley Loo | Al, the Spotted Zebra | An Angel’s First Job | Brother Dragon | The Bug That Plagued the Entire Third Grade | Dragon Talk | Emmitt Mouse Plays Santa | Gabby and the Tooth Fairy | Grizzelda Gorilla | Izzy’s Crossing | Izzy’s Hatchlings | Joy the Jellyfish | Last, But Not Least | Little Lost Leprechaun | O. O. Octopus | Pete, the Peacock, Goes to the Zoo | Pete, the Peacock, Goes to Town | The Perfect Purple Present | Perky Turkey Finds a Friend | Perky Turkey’s 4th of July Adventure | Perky Turkey’s Perfect Plan | Saddle Up | Scooter’s World | Swamp Lullaby | Tyler on the Moon | Watch for Falling Rock | What Kind of Turtle Am I?

A Psychic Life | Cowboy Sweethearts | The Doctor’s Daughters | The Journal of Amos Hannah | Papoose City

Elizabeth Bathory | Giants Fall | Hector and Achilles | Orpheus and Eurydice | Toh’s Saga

FANTASY [adult (PG)]:
The Elf Child | The Elf Guardian | The Elf Mage | The Elf Queen | Other Worlds

Earth Magic | The Ghost of Stonebridge Lane | The Ghost of the Frozen North | The Ghosts of Stony Manor | Secret of the Crystal Dragon

ROMANCE [adult (PG-R)]:
Dreamtime | Mountain of Deception | Musk Rain | Prairie Fire | Unexpected Gifts

Cosmic Sculpture | Dragon’s Blood | Dragon’s Den | Horizon Dynasty | Horizon Shift | Horizon Strife | Triad

YOUNG ADULT [ages 13-18+]:
Court of Honor | Foresight | Hindsight | Molly Greyson’s Ghost | Rosi’s Castle | Rosi’s Company | Rosi’s Time | Second Sight


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