Jeb’s Quest

Read JEB’S QUEST by Judy Goodspeed [Western Novel (158 pages) available in print and ebook from the DFP Books label of Dragonfly Publishing, Inc.] Texas Ranger Jeb Powers and his faithful burro Tulip pursue the murderous outlaw Ned Burris across the Red River into Oklahoma. Can Jeb help an orphaned boy and a beautiful woman survive the dangers of Indian Territory? Can he catch Burris and his accomplices before more people are killed? — Ride the trail with Jeb, as he faces many dangers and meets a woman who captures his elusive heart. • Read an excerpt, find sales links, and more …


David and the Drainosaurs

Read about DAVID AND THE DRAINOSAURS, Tales of the Teleporting Topsider (Book 1) written and illustrated by Janyce Brawn [Juvenile Fantasy / Middle Grade Fantasy (G) 130 pages illustrated | Available in print and ebook from the DFP Books label of Dragonfly Publishing] During an argument with his younger brother, twelve-year-old David Gonzales accidentally drops his mother’s diamond ring down the kitchen sink drain. As he reaches for the ring, he sees a tiny dinosaur creature who calls herself Princess Doris Drainosaurus and claims the ring is her kingdom’s missing crown. In his tussle with Doris over the ring, David is pulled into the magical kingdom of Drainovia. There he must find the missing Drainovian crown in order to exchange it for his mother’s ring. David has just three days to accomplish his task, or he will be stuck forever where Drainosaurs rule, doors fly, hats teleport, and treachery abounds. • READ MORE & FIND SALES LINKS

The Winds of Aumrau

The Winds of Aumrau intermediate level piano solo, composed and arranged by Terri Branson as a companion work to her Dragons Incarnate science fiction series, is now available in sheet music. • BUY AT LULUREAD MORE

The Lost Chord

Read the new young adult fantasy novel, THE LOST CHORD, by Lyndi Alexander. A poisonous wave is spreading disease and discord across the eleven known universes. Seven special people, known as Keys, must strike the Lost Chord in order to restore the balance. Among those Keys is Bee Warrick, an autistic teenager from Earth who has traveled between the realms for years without realizing it. Can Bee help the Conductor find the other Keys before a bitter enemy strikes the wrong chord and shatters the universes?Click here to read more, watch the video, and find sales listings…

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