Submission Checklists

When querying a publisher, especially a small publisher that specializes in print-on-demand and ebooks, there is a short list of data an author should have ready to send along with a properly formatted manuscript.

* Author Name (your real name)
* AKA (“also known as,” i.e. pen-name, if you use one)
* Brief Biography (suitable for websites and book interiors)
* Mailing Address and Phone Number (after initial contact)
* Email Address
* Website (required for all POD and ebook authors)
* Title of Work
* Series (if applicable)
* Genre (be specific)
* Word Length (the word processor count is fine)
* Rating (know the difference between G and PG and R)
* Plot Synopsis (250-500 words that include the ending)
* Manuscript Status (unfinished, draft, or edited)
* Publication Status (unpublished or previously published)

If a work has been previously published, have all publication data ready to send upon request. This includes all former publishers, all ISBNs and their associated editions, blurbs, awards, reviews, etc.

Providing this simple list of data in a cohesive manner makes a good first impression. It tells the publisher you are a professional and that you intend to be a good business partner. After all, contract publishing is a business arrangement, so be a pro and have the basic information ready to send with your query. Good luck!