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Watch for Falling Rock

Read the new children’s picture book, WATCH FOR FALLING ROCK, written by Terri Branson and illustrated by Chet Taylor. [Released in 2015 on the Kittycat Books label of Dragonfly Publishing, Inc. | Rated G for ages 2-7 and illustrated in color | Available in ebook, color library hardback, color paperback, and coloring book] On the road to the farm, a six-year-old’s imagination is stirred by his grandfather’s tall tales of an ancient Native American warrior called Falling Rock. Once at the farm, the boy thinks he sees Falling Rock everywhere, from the pasture to the pond and more. Is it his imagination or is he really seeing the ghost of Falling Rock? —  Click here to read more and to find sales links…

Read SCOOTER’S WORLD by Terri Branson

Get inside the mind of an opinionated house cat, as Scooter offers a tour of his private world. Read about battles with the water dispenser. Learn about food bowl guardians. Get the feline perspective on indoor tornadoes. Get tips on how to deal with strangers and more. Includes a dozen color photographs of the real Scooter.

Read SCOOTER’S WORLD written and illustrated by Terri Branson [Children’s Picture Book (Rated G for ages 2-7 and up) 24 pages with 12 full color photographs • Available in color ebook and color print from the Kittycat Books label of Dragonfly Publishing, Inc.] — Read more and find sales links…