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author200x300alexanderlyndiLYNDI ALEXANDER was a family practice lawyer for over thirty years in addition to being a newspaper reporter and editor. She now lives as a post-modern hippie in rural North Carolina. She always dreamed of faraway worlds and interesting alien contacts. Raising the last child of seven, a daughter diagnosed on the autism spectrum, she says every day feels like first contact with a new species. The Clan Elves of the Bitterroot urban fantasy series includes THE ELF CHILD, THE ELF GUARDIANTHE ELF MAGE, and THE ELF QUEEN. The Horizon Crossover space opera series includes HORIZON DYNASTY, HORIZON SHIFT, and HORIZON STRIFE.  Single title novels include TRIAD (science fiction) and THE LOST CHORD (young adult fantasy). || Author Website |

author200x300bransonterriTERRI BRANSON earned an associate degree in math and science before turning her efforts toward the studies of creative writing and graphic arts. In addition to being a graphics artist and an editor, she is an award-winning author who has sold articles on the craft of writing and conducted many local writing workshops. Adult Coloring Books include: GEODOODLES. Children’s Picture Books include: A VERY DRAGON CHRISTMAS, BROTHER DRAGON, PETE THE PEACOCK GOES TO THE ZOO, PETE THE PEACOCK GOES TO TOWN, SCOOTER’S WORLD, TYLER ON THE MOON, and WATCH FOR FALLING ROCK. Non-fiction books include A PSYCHIC LIFE. Romance novels include: MUSK RAIN and PRAIRIE FIRE. Science Fiction novels include: COSMIC SCULPTURE, DRAGON’S BLOOD, and DRAGON’S DEN. || Author Website |

author200x300calabreseloriLORI CALABRESE has a bachelor’s degree in Communications from St. John’s University in Queens, New York, and is a graduate of The Institute of Children’s Literature. A member of The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, Lori lives in Connecticut with her husband and two sons. Publications include the children’s picture book THE BUG THAT PLAGUED THE ENTIRE THIRD GRADE, illustrated by Chet Taylor.

RANDY COVERT grew up an Army brat and then served in the military, visiting many counties around the world. He enjoys writing poetry and working on classic cars and trucks. He is the author of include The Tales of George Giraffe children’s picture book series, which includes: A BED FOR GEORGE, A HAT FOR GEORGE, and A HOME FOR GEORGE. || Author Website |

author200x300eatonedwardEDWARD EATON has studied and taught in the States, China, Israel, Oman, and France. He holds a PhD in Theatre History and Literature. With a background in play writing, he has worked as a theater director and fight choreographer, a newspaper columnist, and a theater critic. An avid SCUBA diver and skier, he resides in Boston with his wife Silviya and son Christopher. Publications include: ELIZABETH BATHORY, GIANTS FALLS, HECTOR AND ACHILLES, ORPHEUS AND EURYDICE, ROSI’S CASTLE, ROSI’S COMPANY, ROSI’S TIME, and TOH’S SAGA.

author200x300sherryficklinSHERRY FICKLIN can often be found haunting the racks at her local bookstore with a hot chocolate in one hand and a stack of books in the other. A former military brat, and later military wife, she grew up all over the country. She lives in Colorado with her husband, four children, two dogs, and an ever-fluctuating number of chickens and house guests. Publications include The Gods of Fate young adult fantasy series: FORESIGHT, SECOND SIGHT, and HINDSIGHT.

author200x300gainespatPAT GAINES worked 22 years in the courthouse in Lincoln County, Oklahoma, until her retirement in 2003. She loves to teach the Bible, read, and watch movies. She and her husband Jerry have two children and three grandchildren. Her interest in early American history has inspired her to bring Amos Hannah’s journal to the world. She writes articles for local newspapers and offers a free online Bible study (see blog). Publications include the non-fiction biography THE JOURNAL OF AMOS HANNAH and the popular children’s picture book O. O. OCTOPUS. || Author Website | Author Blog |

author200x300booknstarsARIANA GAYNOR spends her time in central Ohio, loving her kids, her dog Shadow, and her lizard Izzy. Once the house is quiet and the work is over, she spends her time writing. She loves helping other authors. Sewing, crocheting, and knitting are a few of the hobbies she enjoys. Publications include the contemporary romance, UNEXPECTED GIFTS.

author200x300goodspeedjudyJUDY GOODSPEED is a graduate of East Central State College in Oklahoma, and was a Junior High School teacher and coach for thirty years. She has been a contributing writer for local  newspapers and rodeo-related magazines. Non-fiction titles include: COWBOY SWEETHEARTS and PAPOOSE CITY. Children’s picture books include: EMMITT MOUSE PLAYS SANTA, PERKY TURKEY FINDS A FRIEND, PERKY TURKEY’S 4TH OF JULY ADVENTURE, PERKY TURKEY’S PERFECT PLAN, and SADDLE UP. || Author Website |

author200x300gorgaspaulaPAULA BLAIS GORGAS lives in Oklahoma with her husband Chet, a retired Navy Commander turned pro-golfer. Together they have four grown sons and a dozen grandchildren. Paula has worked as an NSA intelligence analyst and as a children’s librarian. Children’s picture books include: LITTLE LOST LEPRECHAUN and THE PERFECT PURPLE PRESENT. Juvenile fiction novels (for ages 8-12) include: EARTH MAGIC and SECRET OF THE CRYSTAL DRAGON. Young adult novels (for ages 13-18+) include: COURT OF HONOR. Adult novels include the paranormal romance DREAMTIME and the fantasy anthology OTHER WORLDS. || Author Website |

ROBERTA HOFFER is a retired preschool teacher from a small town in Indiana. She married her high school sweetheart. Together they have two children and have one grandson. Roberta loves animals and is an advocate for animal rights. When not writing, Roberta enjoys boating, camping, walking, snow activities, and anything that involves her family being together. Children’s picture books include: MINNIE TO THE RESCUE and NAKITA’S BIG QUESTION. The award-winning Stonebridge Ghost Tales juvenile fantasy series includes THE GHOST OF STONEBRIDGE LANE, THE GHOST OF THE FROZEN NORTH, and THE GHOSTS OF STONY MANOR. Young adult publications include THE CUBICLE DETECTIVE and MOLLY GREYSON’S GHOST. || Author Blog |

author200x300karinhuxmanK. D. HUXMAN’s first love, after reading, was space. She wanted to be the first veterinarian astronaut. In college she studied biology and was in Air Force ROTC. After college she became an Air Force officer, but rocketing to the stars was not to be. She married a fellow Air Force officer and settled into raising a family, but never forgot her love of books or science. She earned an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College of Norwich University. After traveling around the country with the Air Force, she settled in Colorado. On a clear night she enjoys looking up at the stars, dreaming and writing. She has taught writing at the community college level and worked as an elementary school librarian. Children’s Picture Book publications include DRAGON TALK  and GRIZZELDA GORILLA.

author120x180oglesbymariaMARIA OGLESBY is an illustrator and designer based in Pasadena, California, with a degree in illustration from the Art Center College of Design. When she isn’t painting with watercolors or drawing, she usually can be found reading a book or hanging out with her cat, Lyla. Publications include the adult coloring book WILD ANIMAL FUN FACTS (rated G for all audiences). || Author Website |

CAROL PREFLATISH has worked in social services for over thirty years. Her interest in writing began in high school when she worked as a reporter, photographer, and sport’s editor for the school newspaper. Because of her interest in history, she co-authored “A Commemorative History of Crawford County, Indiana 1818-1993.” One of Carol’s favorite hobbies is photography. She has had many photos published in her local newspaper, as well as in the July 1997 issue of Golf Journal, the official publication of the United States Golf Association. Fiction publications include the romantic suspense novel, MOUNTAIN OF DECEPTION. Carol is a member of the Sisters in Crime organization. She lives in southern Indiana and shares a log cabin with her husband and two cats in what seems like an enchanted forest with a menagerie of wildlife constantly visiting. || Author Website | Author Blog |

author200x300taylorchetCHET TAYLOR is a Navy veteran and a graduate of Oklahoma City University with a degree in fine arts. In addition to a career in radio, newspaper, and television sales, he has over thirty years experience in freelance animation for television commercials and has illustrated many children’s picture books. Chet lives in Oklahoma with his wife, Jan. Chet Taylor has illustrated 19 children’s picture books for the Kittycat Books label, including LAST, BUT NOT LEAST which he also wrote.

author200x300walzceC. E. WALZ is a children’s book author, as well as an educator. She teaches English and chairs a middle school English department. In her spare time, she likes to bird watch, hike, play the saxophone, and write — but not all at the same time! A native Georgian, Carolyn lives in Georgia with her husband and son. Children’s Picture Book publications include ALLEY LOO and SWAMP LULLABY.

author200x300zappaladonnamDONNA M. ZAPPALA holds a BA in Elementary Education and Psychology and a master’s degree in Mathematics Education for grades kindergarten through sixth. Donna resides in New Jersey with her husband Adrian, a university administrator, and her three girls. Children’s Picture Book publications include: ALBERT’S PERFECT PET, GABBY AND THE TOOTH FAIRY, IZZY’S CROSSING, IZZY’S HATCHLINGS, and WHAT KIND OF TURTLE AM I.


| Lyndi Alexander | Terri Branson | Randy Covert | Edward Eaton | Pat Gaines | Judy Goodspeed | Paula Blais Gorgas | Roberta Hoffer | Carol Preflatish |

| A PSYCHIC LIFE (Non-Fiction / Spirituality) by Terri Branson
| MOLLY GREYSON’S GHOST (Young Adult Myster) by Roberta Hoffer
| THE JOURNAL OF AMOS HANNAH (Non-Fiction) by Pat Gaines
| THE LOST CHORD (Young Adult Fantasy) by Lyndi Alexander

| Clan Elves of the Bitterroot urban fantasy series
| Dragons Incarnate science fiction series
| The Gods of Fate young adult fantasy series
| The Stonebridge Ghost Tales juvenile fantasy series

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